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A Bit Geek

07 July 2016 Published in Efficiency

Remember that Oil Crisis we've been told about our whole lives? 

It's been a Lie, sort of!

Oil Crisis


28 February 2012 Published in Technology

Mobile MicroPayments come to Smart Phones, for the a Charity, Service Worker, Politician, the 99% & more.

cell phone mobile payment systemWe are always on the look out for new technology that helps people in their daily lives, which can also make them money, which brings me to the 3d QR Code Powered, the agnostic mobile payment system that works with QR Codes on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry & more. When we say agnostic, we don't mean that it doesn't believe in God, just that it is not platform dependent.

The service is designed help to waiters/waitresses, hotel bell hops, chamber maids, hotel concierge, counter workers, baristas, valet parkers, street performers, magicians, hair dressers, manicurists, charities, political fund raisers, schools, PTAs and temples accept payments, tips and donations from people armed with just a smart phone.

27 January 2012 Published in News

Here is the budget in simple terms.

Last election you voted & proved you weren't a racist.

Now its time to vote & prove you aren't an idiot.


05 October 2011 Published in News

The Most Inspiring Speech I Have Heard Since November 4th, 2008. America, Pay Your Bills, or We Won't Pay Ours!

president budgetPresident Obama, How is Democracy Better? You Owe $14B Billion to a CHINA, Communist Country! If you don't pay your bills, why should we pay ours.

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