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A Bit Geek

15 May 2012 Published in Humor

Deja Poo Same Crap Different Day

Deja Poo: The feeling that you've heard this crap before.

02 May 2012 Published in Sexy

3 Grandmas Watch and Review the Kim Kardashian & Ray-J sex tape.

You have to listen to their commentary, these 3 old ladies sound more like a 3 college girls than 3 old women at the bingo parlor.

grandmas watch kardashian sex tape

30 April 2012 Published in Humor

The Doctor Said It's Cooties...

...I Think You Should Get Yourself Checked.

28 December 2011 Published in Humor

This cute kid laughing was so adorable I had to share it.Sneezing Makes Me Laugh

Please share it if it make you giggle too!



23 December 2011 Published in Humor

Nothing says "I'm a Douche" more than being a dancer, making it to national TV, only to kick yourself in the head.

Moron Dancer Kicked Himself in the Head on National TV

Spandex Rhinestone Dance Outfit: $59.99

Plane Ticket to Hollywood: $249.00

Kicking yourself in the freaking head on TV: PRICELESS

13 December 2011 Published in Style

Car Windows are to Dogs what Porn is to Boys

dog porn censored

As a proud owner of a dog, the biggest dichotomy is that blowing on your dogs face at 5 MPH is annoying, while them sticking their head out of a window at highway speeds is PURE BLISS.


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