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A Bit Geek

05 February 2013 Published in Internet

How to Use Google Plus Ripples

google-plus-ripplesOne major lure of social media is its potential to make something fantastic that you created, go viral. While there’s no magic formula to produce the next viral sensation, we do have ways to learn about how our content socially spreads.

On Twitter, you can see the number of retweets.

On Facebook, you can count Likes and Shares.

And on Google Plus, it’s the ability to visualize how your content has spread and to see the names of people who spread that fantastic content. All with the help of Ripples.


31 March 2010 Published in Internet

In accordance with their own history, Google gets cheeky on April 1, 2010 AKA April Fools Day 2010

Smart Ass Google Has Fun on April Fools Day 2010

06 November 2009 Published in Internet

1 Google Wave Invite + 1 Google Voice Invite

Giving Away 1 Google Wave + 1 Google Voice Invite to One Person

Google Double Play Giveaway  +  Google Double Play Giveaway Voice + Wave


31 May 2008 Published in Internet

Google Finally Gets a Favicon but not for Microsoft IE?

Am I that oblivious or have I never noticed it before?

But I do remember having looked for Google's Favicon in the past. 

But it appears in their constant rivalry with Microsoft they almost lay the F Bomb on IE7. The F being Favicon, in this case.


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