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A Bit Geek

27 May 2012 Published in Movies

I was a Big Fan of The Avengersscarlett johansson black widow Super Powers

The biggest complaints I heard during the movie were:

A) Why is Hawk Eye even here?

B) Black Widow has no super powers.

I have not heard back from Hawk Eye yet.

But Scarlett Johansson Makes a Good Point

15 February 2012 Published in Sexy

Sexy Girls & Their Sexy Bathroom Pictures

The internet, among other things, has brought us... Pictures of girls, talking sexy posed pictures of themselves in the Bathroom... of all places.Sexy Bathroom Pictures

Historically, there are some sexy household places to take pictures, The Bedroom, Kitchen, Patio, Porch, but what is the infatuation with the bathroom.  Granted there is usually a conveniently placed mirror in there, but isn't this also the place we evacuate our bladders and bowels? The last thing that makes me think, "That's Hot" is a picture of a girl trying to look hot & sexy when there is a toilet in the background, the same one she drops the kids off in.

Next time you get all made up & glammed out, I'd like to you to know of how unsexy us men think it is and move to a more suitable place.

06 July 2009 Published in Sexy

Women: Self Esteem isn't as far awy as you think it is.

Guys Have Penis Envy, Women... Well...

03 December 2008 Published in Sexy

This is by far the Hottest Wonder Woman Gallery, the most Sexy Wonder Woman Pictures ever assembled.

Never Before has there been a compilation of more Sexy Wonder Woman Pictures assembled.

Appearances Include:

Kelly Brook
Carmen Electra
Megan Fox
Jessica Beil


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