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A Bit Geek

02 May 2012 Published in Design

Tangle Free Zipbuds Earphones by JUICED Leave You Never Untangling Again

Tangle Free Zipper Headphones

If you are like me and constantly packing & unpacking your headphones, JUICED Zipbuds earphones are a brilliant addition to your electronic toy collection.

These tangle free earphones zip together so you never have to worry about them getting all knotted up.

For someone like me that spends an hour a month untying wires, at $20 they pay for themselves in time alone.

27 April 2012 Published in Technology

Sometimes you're better off not being the guy that "Knows Everything About Computers".

I had a friend ask me to do all of this "Computer Stuff" for him.... for free.
One day I needed him to hekp me out with something in his line of business & he says "For free, Pfft, are you kidding, that's my job, I do this for a living."
I replied, "...and?"

20 December 2011 Published in Internet

This is what internet porn was in the 1990's

For those of you old enough to remember any of the following: a gopher site, WAIS,, Earthling, Netscape, Netcom, Compuserve, a BBS, or even AOL was, below is what was the precursor to what online porn was like.

Before DNS's or flash or even jpg images on a www were the original frontier of the internet was much different back in the 1990's than it is today.  The inception of domain names other than IP addresses or flash movies and especially HTLM5 even existed, there were ASCII images.

These images were images that were constructed of ASCII characters, or for the most part keyboard characters. The equivalent of playboy centerfolds constructed of typewriter characters. In the last 20 years the internet has changed quite a bit to allow the transfer of jpg images and swf or flv or even mp4 images or better yet, youtube.

Consider this a flashback to what the equivalent of what porn was 20 years ago, on the internet.

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