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A Bit Geek

23 May 2013 Published in Gadgets

Thursday, May 5, 2013

This is truly unbelievable: Lego has built a 1:1 scale model of the X-Wing fighter using an astounding 5,335,200 bricks! It's as big as the real thing, capable of fitting the real Luke Skywalker—and Porkins.

Life Size Lego Star Wars X-Wing Times Square NY


22 June 2012 Published in Latest

Macys Herald Square NYMacy's it sucks when the guy next door buys a New Ferrari that makes your Aged Mercedes look like a busted up old Pinto.

Time to catch up in Herald Square NY, you are begninning to show your age.

27 January 2012 Published in Humor

As a Long Islander I have heard all of the Shit Long Islanders Say.

The folks at WBLI 106.1 were nice enough to immortalize some this this shit long islanders say into a comprehensive video. Video Stars Astra, Skye at Night, & John Migione of "Suffolk State of Mind" Fame.

Shit Long Islanders Say


17 November 2011 Published in Politics

Occupy Wall Street Moves to Union Square NY 11/17/2011 3:25 PM

Occupy Wall Street Moves to Union Square NY


24 April 2008 Published in Living

Naked in New York and Busted.  But is it Legal?

A Naked Woman Spotted in New York.

The Partially Naked, Beautiful Topless model was in broad daylight in Astor Place.

The photo shoot in New York City was soon broken up by the NYPD. 

But is it Legal? Apparently, Yes.

Click Through for More Naked Photos of the Lovely Model and
The "Naked in New York" Law.

08 March 2010 Published in Politics

Infographic | Unemployment - California vs New YorkThe Non Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment comparison between California & New York Since January 2000.

As of December 2009, The city of Los Angeles' Unemployment rate dwarfs the city New York's by 27%. Los Angeles City was 13.2% compared to New York's 10.4%.

in 2000 New York & California were neck-in-neck when it came to unemployment rates, as were the cities and counties of Los Angeles & New York Respectively. Quite a bit has changed this decade.

26 March 2010 Published in Humor

And now for today's New York WTF of the day!

Penn Station actually allows this street performer guy to play this crap, on a regular basis. This has to be the suckiest performer EVER!

If he is lucky he may be able to hire a chiropractor to fix that wicked neck-back-posture issue.


18 March 2010 Published in Humor

These 2 freaks were seen in Union Square New York, NY on St Patrick's Day,

They must have had their calendar all messed up.
It clearly wasn't Halloween, at least not in MARCH.

19 August 2009 Published in Humor

Another New York Crack Head

Yeah, Another Day in New York
Another Screaming New York, NY Crack Head Video

As we continue to come across more Crack Heads in New York, we will continue to post them.

27 May 2008 Published in Latest

Nassau County, New York  Takes the Cake for Memorial Day DUI's

  1. You have to be an idiot to drink and drive drunk

  2. Knowing there are cops everywhere:
    You'd have to be a Super Idiot to drink and drive on the following holidays:

1.  New Years Eve

2.  St. Patrick's Day

3.  4th of July

4.  Labor Day

5.  Memorial Day

In one weekend not only was New York's Finest able to bag 109 Drunk Drivers, but slathered their drunk ass mug shots all over the internet! Take a look and the line up of Drunk Drivers that were busted the total count, 81 DWIs, 28 DUIs.

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