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Efficiency (4)


How effective are you getting things done?

This section highlights some cool articles on how wew can work faster, better and get more done by spending less time.

The benefit, more money, less stress and headache and more time to spend doing the things we like, like being with our family. 


Friday, 24 February 2017 15:49

Free Unlimited Refills at Starbucks

Written by The Super Geek

Did you know that Starbucks has a Free Refill Policy?

Free Refills Starbucks Coffee


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Thursday, 07 July 2016 09:21

How Much Oil is Really Left in the World

Written by The Super Geek

Remember that Oil Crisis we've been told about our whole lives? 

It's been a Lie, sort of!

Oil Crisis


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Monday, 31 December 2007 08:40

LED Efficient Light Bulbs Electrical Saving

Written by The Super Geek

LED Efficient Light Bulbs - Electrical Efficiency & Money Saving

L.E.D. powered light bulbs are saving me a ton of money annually.

I have taken the plunge and made some changes in my lighting and electrical set upĀ  and have determined some seriously dramatic potential changes by making the move from incandescent to a much better alternative, LED's!

In the BeginningĀ 

Originally I made some changes from incandescent lighting to fluorescent lighting, however I found the cost of the bulbs and the life to be less dramatic than I had expected and even wanted. I then did some reading and it was brought to my attention that Money Saving LED Lighting is now available in a simple 110 volt version that easily replaces some of my lighting needs in the house.

LED's are most definitely the way of the future, originally they were ridiculously expensive as a feasible alternative to incandescent lighting or even fluorescent lighting. Typically the bulb prices ran in the double digit dollar range! That made the payoff and even the break even somewhere in the range of solar power, about 10 years or so.

I found a solution - affordable, Money Saving LED Light Bulbs.

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Save Time - Book Your Calendar Appointments By Phone

In today's busy world, if you are not saving time then you are wasting it.
Book your Google Calendar AND/OR Outlook™ Calendar By Phone at the same time.

Set Up Time approx 5 minutes including registering.

This method is also great for Syncing Outlook Calendars in Multiple Computers for non-enterprise users.

To make this post short, sweet and to the point, I'll get to it.

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