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A Bit Geek

Monday, 31 December 2007 08:40

LED Efficient Light Bulbs Electrical Saving

Written by  The Super Geek
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LED Efficient Light Bulbs - Electrical Efficiency & Money Saving

L.E.D. powered light bulbs are saving me a ton of money annually.

I have taken the plunge and made some changes in my lighting and electrical set up  and have determined some seriously dramatic potential changes by making the move from incandescent to a much better alternative, LED's!

In the Beginning 

Originally I made some changes from incandescent lighting to fluorescent lighting, however I found the cost of the bulbs and the life to be less dramatic than I had expected and even wanted. I then did some reading and it was brought to my attention that Money Saving LED Lighting is now available in a simple 110 volt version that easily replaces some of my lighting needs in the house.

LED's are most definitely the way of the future, originally they were ridiculously expensive as a feasible alternative to incandescent lighting or even fluorescent lighting. Typically the bulb prices ran in the double digit dollar range! That made the payoff and even the break even somewhere in the range of solar power, about 10 years or so.

I found a solution - affordable, Money Saving LED Light Bulbs.

LED's are seriously efficient.

They are so primarily because they do not produce any noticeable heat.  In fact about 90% of the energy used to light a filament based incandescent light is used to produce heat! Most of us know that electric heat is not a viable solution, especially at today's home electrical heating prices.

Enter eBay. 

After scrounging around the internet, I came across some LED bulbs on eBay, that not only fit my E26 MR16 bulbs that are used in the exterior lighting of my home, but they were affordable. I have 3 of these nasty E26 based M16 sized bulbs in the eaves of my house, bulbs that my electritian picked out and they used to cost me about $12 to $20 a pop to buy. There were a specialty item that no one stocked and I had to buy them online from a specialty outfit.


I came across the suckers pictured below, M16 size E26 Base 110v (standard US Home voltage) bulbs, the seller was selling them in pairs for about $18 a set, delivered. I only needed 3 but I swallowed it and bought the extra one.
{mosgoogle center}

{mospagebreak title=The LED Specs}

Here are the specs:

Base: E26 (standard light bulb)
Size: MR16 (just the ones I needed for my lighting application)
Power usage: 1 Watt (vs the 35w incandescent or 12w fluorescents I had used before)
Estimated Life 100,000 hours! vs 1000 for the incandescent or 8000 for the Fluorescents)
Brightness: Same as the Incandescents or Fluorescents I used before. {mospagebreak title=The LED Cost Comparison}

LED, Incandescent & CFL Usage & Cost Comparison

Here were my calculations and the $0.18 that LIPA is charging me per KWH:

Electrical Usage

Watts Bulbs Total Wattage hours/day Watt/hrs/yr KW/Yr $/KW Cost/Year
Incandescent 35 3 105 8 306600 306.6 $ 0.18 $ 54.82
Flourescent 12 3 36 8 105120 105.12 $ 0.18 $ 18.80
LED 1 3 3 8 8760 8.76 $ 0.18 $ 1.57


Life bulbs Hours/Day Hours/Year Bulbs/Year $/Bulb Cost/Set Cost/Year
Incandescent 1000 3 8 2920 2.92 $ 6.99 $ 20.97 $ 61.23
Flourescent 8000 3 8 2920 0.365 $ 8.99 $ 26.97 $ 9.84
LED 100000 3 8 2920 0.0292 $12.99 $ 38.97 $ 0.38

Total Cost

Year 1
Year 5
Year 10
Incandescent $116.05 $601.23 $1,181.49          
Flourescent $ 28.64 $170.17 $ 313.37          
LED $ 40.54 $ 48.70 $ 58.43          
Total Savings $ 75.52 $552.53



The Money Saving Pay Off

According to my calculations, over a 10 year period, these 3 LED's are going to save me about $1100.00, including the cost of the bulbs and the cost of the electricity! How frikin' sick is that, 3 Light Bulbs. Not to mention the, get this - 90 Incandescent bulbs I would have had to replace, or 11 fluorescent bulbs I would have had to replace. Which means with the LED's its that much less time climbing a ladder or crawling on the roof risking breaking my damn neck!{mospagebreak title=The Life of the LED}

The Life of the LED Light Bulb

Aside from the energy savings, the life of these is about 1000x that of the incandescents, or based on my 8 hour a day average usage, is 34 years!

LED Life: 34.24 years (God Bless LED Lighting)
Fluorescent Life:2.74 years (Nice Try)
Incandescent Life: .34 years (YUK)

Here is the lifetime Break Down!  

Total Cost Year 34.25 Bulbs Used
Incandescent  $   3,995.77 300
Fluorescent  $   1,007.87 38
LED  $      105.61 3
Total Savings

 $   3,890.16


Thats a savings of 100 Trips to the roof vs incandescent

Here is my plan

As the development of LED light bulb continues, I plan on replacing as many of the incandescent bulbs in my house with the more energy efficient LED Light Bulbs.  When you consider that over the next 34 years I will save almost $4,000 on 3 light bulbs, what choice do I have. With an average LED Light Bulb Savings on 3 bulbs of $114.00 or $9.35 per month

That money in the bank adds up to $10,193 at 5% over a 34 year period.

{mospagebreak title=The LED Pictures}

The LED Pictures

LED Efficient Light Bulbs

LOHAS LED Efficient Light Bulbd\s

Plasma LED

Where to Buy Household LED's

I bought mine through eBay because I had a difficult time finding exactly what i wanted. However, I now have a resource for purchasing them:

Plasma LED

These guys have a great selection and I especially like the 2800K Warm Spots for my accent lighting & kitchen.

LED Efficient Light Bulbs - Money Saving 


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