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I was a Big Fan of The Avengersscarlett johansson black widow Super Powers

The biggest complaints I heard during the movie were:

A) Why is Hawk Eye even here?

B) Black Widow has no super powers.

I have not heard back from Hawk Eye yet.

But Scarlett Johansson Makes a Good Point

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I think this may even be considered copyright infringement.

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MIB 3 Men In Black 3 Returns to the Big Screen

MIB 3 Men In Black 3 Trailer - Relase Date Memorial Day 2012 Finally after a 10 year hiatus, since Men in Black 2 AKA MIB 2, Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones are returning together as Agent Jay & Agent Kay to take on more aliens.

The original Men in Black was released back in 1997 with the sequel following 5 years later in 2002, the release of the 3rd installment of the series will be a full 10 years after the last episode. Fortunately director Barry Sonnenfeld has also returned which make me think that this film won't suck. Also leading me to believe that suckyness won't be a factor is the return of writer Lowell Cunningham who assisted in the first 2 movies to make them as funny as enjoyable as many people thought.

Below is the MIB 3 Men In Black 3 Trailer



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Monday, 08 March 2010 01:54

Official Iron Man 2 Trailer

Written by The Super Geek
The Iron Man 2 Trailer is Finally here... on Youtube and in HD. Official Iron Man 2 TrailerComments ()
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