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A Bit Geek

Thursday, 26 September 2013 13:18

Why your Apple iOS device has no hourglass Featured

Written by  The Super Geek
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Have you ever wondered why your Apple ios-hourglassiOS device has no hourglass on it while you are waiting, like your old Blackberry?

Because it is annoying and nothing is more frustrating than being told that you need to wait, and Apple knew it. So they did something tricky, they fooled you.


What apple does is mentally much wiser than smacking you in the face with a reminder that you are being told to wait. 

The way iOS has gotten around this annoyance is by doing the following, when you exit an application, you device takes a screenshot of the app screen and temporarily stores it in memory. When you return to that application, you are NOT looking at that application's active screen, you are looking at a screen shot of the application state when you left it, providing you instant gratification in thinking that you are up, running and ready for business.

Don't believe it? Have you ever returned to an applciaiton and have it be momentarily non-responsive? That is because you are not in the application, you have been cued with an image of it while the app loads fully back into memory, at which point it will replace the screenshot and become responsive again.

Even more proof is that if you have ever left an application while Turing the screen you may return to similar to what you see below, a screenshot of a crooked screen as you were leaving the application.


apple ios hourglass


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