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26 September 2013 Published in Gadgets

Have you ever wondered why your Apple ios-hourglassiOS device has no hourglass on it while you are waiting, like your old Blackberry?

Because it is annoying and nothing is more frustrating than being told that you need to wait, and Apple knew it. So they did something tricky, they fooled you.


13 August 2013 Published in Gadgets

Warning: If you, your kids, friends, parents, grand parents, or grand kids take pics from your phone—WATCH THIS!

Cell Phone Exif Photo Location Information Privacy


05 June 2012 Published in Latest

AT&T Wants to Throttle My Unlimited Data Plan!

AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Throttling

This morning I received a very disturbing text message from my friends at good 'ol AT&T. Their message was simple read this way:

ATT Free Msg: Your data usage has reached 3GB this month. Using more than 3GB in future billing cycles will result in reduced speeds. You can yadda yadda yadda...

This is the AT&T FU Data Message, as I read it:

Dear valueless AT&T customer, we realize that you signed a contract with us that started several years ago, and although you have 5 active devices with us and pay us in excess of $2500 a year in service plan fees that include an "UNLIMITED DATA PLAN" we are going to tighten the bandwidth thumbscrews on you and limit the speed in which we serve you. FU, have a nice day.

The Unlimited Data Plan contract I signed said just that, Unlimited Data In no place on that contract did it say "If we want to change the contract later on we can" because that is just, well, plain UNAMERICAN, and scummy. So at some later date, they, behind my back, renegotiated my contract to read, we can change the contract as we see fit.

In response to AT&T, I found it fitting that if their contract had an imaginary clause that said they can chage terms, well, then isn't it fair that my contract has some imaginary clauses, too?

  1. AT&T, if you throttle down my data rate , how's about I throttle down the rate in which I pay you?
  2. I deduct $1.00 off of my bill for every dropped call? Chances are, you'd owe me money at the end of the month.
  3. Every day the "No Service" message comes up, I prorate off that days charge.
  4. When my phone says E(dge) vs 3G in a confirmed 3G metro area, I pay you the proportional rate of bandwidth delivery, or about 20% of my plan rate.
  5. I charge you $75-100 per hour, my approximate book rate, whenever you make me wait to speak to one of those outsourced Indian service people that you can't understand, divided into 6 minute billing, of course. And 2 days of free service when ever that freaking call gets dropped.

AT&T if you want to continue collecting my money, I think it is wise choice for you to continue delivering the Unlimited Data Plan WE agreed to. Additionally, you should take some of that money and set up some cell towers that actually deliver uninterrupted cell service. Otherwise, you may find me changing my contract to CANCELLED.

11 May 2012 Published in Internet

Flixel Makes Static Photos into Animated Cinemagraph Pictures

Flixel is an amazing new application that allow you to create animated photos from scenes. It does so by allowing you to select elements in the image that you want to move, the way they did in real life, while keeping the remainder of the image flixel animated cinemagraphmotionless.

Flixel lets you capture a moment, and bring it to life with the swipe of a finger and instantly share with friends. It is inspired by Cinemagraphs, hybridized moving & still images. Flixel lets you create cool living photos in seconds.

Flixel Features:

★ Live-paint your animation with Flixel's unique and simple creation process
★ Apply custom designed filters
★ Loop your animations forward or backwards
★ Insert a loop delay for a surprise effect
★ Interact with friends by loving and commenting on their Flixels
★ View the most loved Flixels weekly, monthly, and all-time
★ Discover Flixels created nearby
★ E-mail Flixels to friends or share instantly to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr
★ Private account options

11 May 2012 Published in Internet

Klik, the Facebook iOS Photo app that knows your friends and tags them for you.

klik facebook friend recognition iOS photo appKLIK, by is the new iOS photo application that uses's facial recognition software to analyze your pictures, as you take them and determine, based on your Facebook friends, exactly who they are with a scary degree of accuracy.

When you first install the application, try it out by using the front facing camera to scan your own face, like a scene from The Terminator, it will lock onto your face and give you a percentile of accuracy as to exactly who you are. You then confirm your identity. There on, when you use the Klik app to take photos it will make highly educated guesses as to who is in the photo and hover your friend's names over their face.

KLIK is a camera app that uses face recognition to let you quickly tag your friends in real-time & requires a Facebook account, and iOS 4.3 or above.
Fire up KLIK and watch as your friends' names instantly appear next to their faces before or after you snap a photo.
If KLIK doesn't recognize a face - snap a photo, tap "Tag Me" over unrecognized faces to pick a name, and then save the photo (no need to share).
The more photos you save, the better KLIK gets.

Best of all, KLIK is FREE.

29 August 2009 Published in iPhone

Ex-Girlfriend Stalker for iPhone

Got an Ex-Girlfrield, iPhone as an App for that.

Find her, Chase her, Stalk her, Yeah, iPhone can do that.

29 August 2009 Published in iPhone

Ex-Girlfriend Stalker for iPhone

Got an Ex-Girlfrield, iPhone as an App for that.

Find her, Chase her, Stalk her, Yeah, iPhone can do that.

01 July 2009 Published in iPhone

The New facebook App for iPhone 3.0 is coming soon!

New Features Include ability to "Like" Something, Manage Notes, RSVP to Events.

10 September 2008 Published in iPhone

Surprise! Did You Know Your Iphone Calculator was a Scientific Calculator in Disguise?iPhone Calculator


It was purely by accident that i discovered this. I was trying to figure something out on my iPhone Calculator and was interrupted by a co-worker. 

I placed my iPhone back into my geeky little holster, which sits horizontally.

When I took it out, I saw somethign that I never saw before on my iPhone and it took me completely by surprise.

03 January 2008 Published in iPhone

iPhone iDentity iSsue

My iPhone doesn't know who it is! Looks like an iPhone iDentity iSsue

iPhone iDentity Crisis

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