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A Bit Geek

Monday, 21 May 2012 08:04

2 Greatest Football Plays Ever

Written by  The Super Geek
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Everyone loves a great football play.

best football playsI hate sports, I hate watching them. Why the hell would I waste 2 hours of my life when it only takes 20 seconds to pull up the final score on my iPhone? If something good were to happen in a game, they'll show me it on the news in the morning while I'm getting dressed.It's like Cliff's Notes for Sports.

But when cool or funny crap happens in a sporting event, I'm all for watching it. So here are the 2 best football plays to ever happen!

Quarterback Trick Play, QB Walks right plast the defense.

In this play the QB Snaps the ball & casually stands up and starts walking past them. The other team is so befuddled by this they just stare at him. When the Quarterback gets bast the first line of defensemen he makes a run for it.

Lincoln University, MO Football. Amazing Running Back Flip by RB Martee Tenner

In this classic show off move, Running Back Martee Tenner flips over the defense.

Pretty cool, huh?

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