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    1 Seven Year Old Kid

+  1 Tooth In Need of Repair

+   Sodium Pentathol

=   Poor Seven Year Old David, Hopped up on Meds

Sorta looks like a Poster Boy from Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No Campaign"


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OK, granted he got caught doing something that, 2 out of our last 3 presidents have all but admitted to, but:

Dear Kellogg's: How Dare YOU Suspend an Olympian Like Phelps?

W(here)TF Do you get off?

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Thursday, 22 January 2009 02:52

Always Check Your Child's Homework

Written by The Super Geek

As a parent of two children, you may never know what might happen if you do not double check your child's work and see what, exactly, they are submitting. It may save you the time of having to explain things...

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 05:02

No Pun in Ten Did

Written by The Super Geek

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No Pun in Ten Did

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Homework Assignment

Think of words that end with "IT" 

This may be an indication that this 5 Year Old kid just MAY be watching a little bit Too Much Rated-R.  

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