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03 June 2012 Published in Sexy

This was taken in Deer Park, Long Island, New York on Sunday, June 3 at 7:15 PM

Click on either Image to see full size pictures of the Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow over Long Island NY

Double Rainbow over Long Island NY

20 May 2012 Published in Humor

Wonder, "Where's Waldo?" He's been here the whole time.wheres waldo

Explains why he's been hiding. Who would want to be found waist deep in somebody's ass crack?

02 May 2012 Published in Design

Tangle Free Zipbuds Earphones by JUICED Leave You Never Untangling Again

Tangle Free Zipper Headphones

If you are like me and constantly packing & unpacking your headphones, JUICED Zipbuds earphones are a brilliant addition to your electronic toy collection.

These tangle free earphones zip together so you never have to worry about them getting all knotted up.

For someone like me that spends an hour a month untying wires, at $20 they pay for themselves in time alone.

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