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15 October 2012 Published in Humor

Wanna Get High? World Fastest & Highest Freefall Attempt

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier in death-defying free-fall

Daredevil jumps from 24 miles up in world's first successful attempt at a supersonic skydive!

And Southpark's Towlie is there to witness it all.


18 June 2012 Published in Politics

Rodney King May Be Dead, but Before You Feel Bad, He Wasn't all that Innocent.
Take a Look at his Arrest Record.

Everybody Else May all be Able to Rest in Peace a Little Bit More Now.

rodney king deadRodney King, whose beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 was caught on camera and sparked riots after the acquittal of the four officers involved, was found dead in his swimming pool Sunday, authorities and his fiancee said. He was 47.

Police in Rialto, California, received a 911 call from King's fiancee, Cynthia Kelly, about 5:25 a.m., said Capt. Randy De Anda. Responding officers found King at the bottom of the pool, removed him and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation until paramedics arrived. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, police said.

There were no preliminary signs of foul play, De Anda said, and no obvious injuries on King's body. Police are conducting a drowning investigation, he said, and King's body would be autopsied.

The Arrest Record of Rodney King

Rodney King's criminal history played a large role in the high-speed chase that led to his arrest, in his controversial and violent arrest, and in the trials that followed.  King explained his decision to flee--at a speed exceeding 110 mph--from CHP officers as resulting from a fear that his arrest for speeding would lead to a revocation of his parole and a return to prison: "I was scared of going back to prison and I just kind of thought the problem would just go away."  Sergeant Stacey Koon, the supervising officer at King's arrest, concluded (correctly, it turned out) from King's "buffed out appearance" that he was most likely an ex-con who had been working out on prison weights--and assumed therefore that he was a dangerous character.  Finally, it was King's criminal history that explained the decision of prosecutors to keep him off the witness stand.  If King testified, defense attorneys would be allowed to present the jury with his record of arrests--a record that might influence their deliberations.

Many of King's problems with the law stem from his serious drinking problem.  According to his parole officer, Tim Fowler, King "was a basically decent guy with borderline intelligence....His problem was alcoholism."

21 January 2009 Published in Politics

Barack Obama, Welcome the New Regime

Everything that is stated below is 100% accurate and 100% (independently) verifiable.

“Let those who have ears, hear and those who have eyes, see…”

~The Bible~

Lets reflect as we anticipate the coronation, err, I mean inauguration for the Obama-Nation.

The Inauguration, The Obama-Nation Barack Obama


08 January 2010 Published in Humor

The Best 2009 Video Compilation of the Best 2009 Fail Videos... EverThe Best 2009 Video of the Best 2009 Fail Videos

It's 7 minutes long, but considering 2009 was 525,000 minutes long and you made it through that, make some time.

19 August 2009 Published in Humor

Another New York Crack Head

Yeah, Another Day in New York
Another Screaming New York, NY Crack Head Video

As we continue to come across more Crack Heads in New York, we will continue to post them.

08 July 2009 Published in Humor

Babies that Skate (better than me)Roller Skating Babies

This one has to win an award.

01 July 2009 Published in Humor

The Number One Reason You Shouldn't Be a Crack Head or Get to Close to One.

06 June 2008 Published in Latest

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