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09 February 2012 Published in News

Rick Santorum thinks babies born from rape & incest are "Gifts from God"

Just perhaps Rick Santorum should be raped a few times, have a basketball rectally inserted & then made to pass it... 

Rick Santorum Abortion know, just so he can talk from experience vs where the basketball would be coming from.

It seems that there is a point that being so anti-abortion can push you across the line into being pro-devil.







30 September 2011 Published in Politics

In 2008 you made a statement by voting for a person to let everyone know you weren't a racist pig bastard.

Vote for a president & prove yuo are not an idiot

Now it is time to redeem yourself by voting for someone & proving you aren't a complete freaking idiot.

The decision is yours.

14 October 2008 Published in Newsflash

The 2008 Presidential Election is a Mess

Obama wants to change things but won't tell us how.

McCain puts Sarah Palin "one 72 year old's heart beat away from the most powerful political position in the world."

I have decided to take care of the 2008 election in the following manner:

  1. Purchase Pencil from Local Stationary Store

  2. Sharpen Pencil

  3. Go to voting hall

  4. Wait on Line

  5. Enter Voting Booth

  6. Pencil in the following:

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