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Internal Removal

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Internal Removal....

I wonder if they removed Dave's Internals?

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The New Facebook Blows

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In honor of the new Facebook Layout, Facebook is releasing a new product.

The New Facebook Fan is just like the real Facebook...

Its Ugly, Its too busy and IT BLOWS!

The New Facebook Blows

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The 1991 Vector W8 Twin Turbo

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The Greatest Car Made in its Time

Everything on the Vector was designed to last the life of the owner, given that the owner maintained the vehicle. The body was made largely of lightweight carbon kevlar, known for its strength, and lightness. Just 22 W8s were produced (17 customer cars and two pre-production cars, the prototype W2, and two prototype Avtech WX-3 with a mock up of the 7.0 liter DOHC TT engine evolution), the car retailing for up to $455,000 USD new (on today’s used market they are available from less than $100,000, to well over $1,000,000).

0-30 1.9 seconds
0-60 4.2 seconds
0-100 8.3 seconds
0-1/4 mile 12.0 seconds
Top Speed: est. 218 MPH 

Keep in mind that this was a production vehicle over 20 years ago.

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Promote Your Business: Buy Twitter Followers a Review

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If you have a new business or an existing one that you are looking to promote, quickly, efficiently and effectively, you need to embrace social media.

If you have been avoiding getting involved in social media, you are making a huge mistake, with the increasing popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, not having a social media marketing strategy can be deadly stunt your growth and allow your competition to get an edge.

Problem: How do you promote a Twitter page and get more followers?

Solution:  Buy Twitter Followers with Hype140!

Yes, you heard me. Unless you are a celebrity, business mogul or socialite it may be difficult to attract followers. can expand your following inexpensively and build you following quickly and inexpensively.

Like most marketing campaigns, advertising costs money. A small ad in a local paper can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and can be out out of sight and out of mind in one day. Developing a list of Twitter Followers can be a priceless means of keeping in touch with your customers and just as importantly, attracting new ones. 

Currently Twitter caters to over 175,000,000 users, many use twitter to keep up with news is a quick and dry - the pitch Buy Twitter Followers for $0.01 each.

5,000  Followers $50.00
10,000  Followers $100.00
20,000  Followers $200.00
25,000  Followers $250.00
50,000  Followers $500.00


I have personally used this service and, although I have a solid product and a solid company, generating Twitter Followers can take time and effort, for a nominal cost, you can increase your following to thousands in just a few weeks.My review of, quick, affordable, effective, and I find that not only do my followers read my tweets, but share them with their friends, generating even more traffic to my site.

In today's world to spend $100.00 to buy twitter followers is peanuts to spend on a ongoing marketing campaign and following also, keep in mind that popularity usually breeds popularity, so as your followers increase, just like in high-school your popularity increases, making you more attractive and spawning more followers. Thus, giving you an opportunity to promote you business, your blog, your ideas and your product.

For more information on read about their products and services at

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Dead Alive or Animitronic?

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OK, this guy is:

A) Alive

B) Dead

C) Animitronic

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