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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 18:11

Zipper Earphones - Tangle Free

Written by The Super Geek

Tangle Free Zipbuds Earphones by JUICED Leave You Never Untangling Again

Tangle Free Zipper Headphones

If you are like me and constantly packing & unpacking your headphones, JUICED Zipbuds earphones are a brilliant addition to your electronic toy collection.

These tangle free earphones zip together so you never have to worry about them getting all knotted up.

For someone like me that spends an hour a month untying wires, at $20 they pay for themselves in time alone.

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Ghetto Fabulous Galore

This brings new meaning to the term "Ghetto Fabulous".

No where else does the term shine so bright as when it is when reflecting off of the shiny side of the aluminum foil stuffed onto the spokes of a 30 year old Schwinn, a ride that was Ghetto Fabulous to begin with.

I can only imagine that the proud owner of this Fabulous Ghetto Low Rider aspires to owning a 15 year old, busted up Honda Civic with the famed Single Wiper Blade that is notorious for increasing horsepower by 10% and reducing drag by a coefficient of at least .05, which, as we all know, increases top speed by 20 MPH, and shaves a healthy 3 seconds off any car's 1/4 mile time.

Congratulations to this, our Ghetto Fabulous Coverboy of the Week.

Ghetto Fabulous

Key Ghetto Fabulous Notes to Remember:

  • Classic Collector Series Schwinn™

  • "Shiny Side Out" Reynolds™ Aluminum Foil

  • Converse™ All Stars® 

  • 3/4 Jeans, 2 Sizes to big, to show off Ghetto Fab Undies

  • Favorite Team Sweatband

  • Mugshot Expression

  • Right Hand Peace Sign

  • "Whopped" Rear Tire

  • Authentic .025kt "Gold" Bling Ring Kit from the Dave & Busters Claw Game

We can only hope that such a fine citizen will one day run for president. Don't let us down Mr. Ghetto Fabulous, we await your arrival in the White House.
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Thanks to for this one.

Ghetto Fabulous

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