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Buying Packaged Food is For Losers; Real Men Aren't Losers

real menLets face it, if you are a guy, do your own grocery shopping, and buy food vs. ingredients, you are a douche.

No self respecting man would ever allow another entity to decide what goes into his meal, his body or past his taste buds.

Yea, buying pre-made crap is convenient, easy to cook and is, most of the time edible, but seriously, what are the odds that they get the seasoning & flavors right? Let us also consider that most mass produced food is exactly that, off the rack crap that's made not to offend anyone, on the same note, it is also made to not thrill anyone. Packaged crappy ass food likes to play middle of the road & appeal to every one, even people that live in middle America that have never tasted good food. So if you want to be Mister Joe Average Middle America White Bread, grab that microwave box of prefab cardboard.

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I was looking for a recipe for red velvet cake but most of the ones I found were "mock red velvet cake" which means they substituted the real red red-velvet-whoopie-pies-peanut-butteringredient with food coloring, BEETS. EPIC FAIL

As I was rifling through a myriad of recipe sites in search of the perfect recipe, as well through my pantry for some inspiration, I came across some Oreo's and became immediately inspired.

Inspired to make the perfect red velvet dessert, something rich, creamy as well as cakey, delicious and wholesome.

I landed on Red Velvet Whoopie Pies with Peanut Butter filling & crushed roasted hazel & cashew nuts. If you remember as a kid, whoopie pies exemplify the perfect mix of cake and frosting.

Click through to see the Red Velvet Chobani Whoopie Pies w/ Peanut Butter Filling recipe I created.

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VIDEO: Earlier This Week P Diddy AKA Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs Opened a Can of Whoop Ass on a Non Ciroc Supporter.

At this year's 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards after party, apparently Sean Combs took brand loyalty a little bit to far by attacking him.

While performing on stage, Puff Daddy noticed a patron at Atlanta's Compound enjoying something other than Ciroc Vodka, the Vodka lable Sean Combs promotes. Insulted, Sean called the patron out & apparently proceeded to verbally attack him & pelt him with ice.

During the rant, the graceful public figure spouts the following:

“Bitch-ass niggas … put that shit down  before I come smack that purple shirt off your ass... What the fuck are you gonna do, bitch? Fucking faggot-ass light-skin niggas get the fuck out of my face!”

Sean Comb's did some after-after-party backpedaling by releasing the following statement:

“I’m a child of God and I should be better no matter what someone says to me. I’m sorry for the ignorant way I represented myself and us. To all my children of God…I have backslid and regressed. Forgive me for my ignorance. Pray for me pls. I know better and I am better. I have a responsibility that I promise I will live up to. And I’m more disappointed in myself than you know. I will humble myself and learn. Bottom line is I’m sorry to all! Pls find it in your heart to accept my apology. I will do better and be Greater And a source of positivity! Thank yall for listening. Thank you. Real talk. Peace.”

It must be great to be able to be a complete cry baby prick & then try to make it all go away by releasing a confession.

Isn't What Christianity Teaches you in Church Great, Screw Up, Apologize & Confess, All Better?

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Monday, 28 September 2009 23:20

The Devil Appeared in My Ice Cream

Written by The Super Geek

The Devil in My Ice CreamLast Night I Opened My Ice Cream, Only to Find the Face of the Devil Staring Me

This is 100% un-retouched picture of the imprint that was on the lid of the Ice Cream that I Found the Devil on.

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