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A Bit Geek

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 18:02

Real Men Don't Buy Food - They Buy Ingredients Featured

Written by  The Super Geek
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Buying Packaged Food is For Losers; Real Men Aren't Losers

real menLets face it, if you are a guy, do your own grocery shopping, and buy food vs. ingredients, you are a douche.

No self respecting man would ever allow another entity to decide what goes into his meal, his body or past his taste buds.

Yea, buying pre-made crap is convenient, easy to cook and is, most of the time edible, but seriously, what are the odds that they get the seasoning & flavors right? Let us also consider that most mass produced food is exactly that, off the rack crap that's made not to offend anyone, on the same note, it is also made to not thrill anyone. Packaged crappy ass food likes to play middle of the road & appeal to every one, even people that live in middle America that have never tasted good food. So if you want to be Mister Joe Average Middle America White Bread, grab that microwave box of prefab cardboard.

real men buy ingredients

So the next time you are about to go food shopping, man up, check out, find a highly rated recipe that sounds more thrilling than a frozen pizza, jot down the ingredients and add them to the list of crud on your shopping list. Buy the parts, bring them home and make some real food.
Also, when chickletts see you buying meat, produce, herbs & spices in the market, they may take notice & not think you are an uncreative useless lump.

So next time you go grocery shopping, bring you balls with you and don't be afraid to throw some rosemary, some toasted sesame oil, a persimmon, or a leg of lamb in the cart. man up! Then take that stuff home & cook something good.

Don't be a douche, go buy some ingredients.
Happy Shopping
Happy Cooking

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