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1 Google Wave Invite + 1 Google Voice Invite

Giving Away 1 Google Wave + 1 Google Voice Invite to One Person

Google Double Play Giveaway  +  Google Double Play Giveaway Voice + Wave


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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 01:07

Facebook is Getting Older - So Are The Users

Written by The Super Geek

According to iStrategyLabs The Users of Facebook are Getting Older. Like Geriatric Older...

It Seems That as of July 2009 the 55+ Age Group has Grow by Over 500%.

Check out some of the other interesting trends & statistics.

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Saturday, 04 July 2009 02:30

Twitter-Train Scam The Herpes of Twitter

Written by The Super Geek

If you want more Followers, More Email and More Spam Apparently Twitter-Train is the Answer. claims it will get you more followers, more traffic and more popularity.

However reviewers are claiming something completely different, basically The Twitter Train Scam:

Twitter + Twitter-Train + Your Login Info = E-Herpes

 Twitter Scam

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Monday, 15 June 2009 01:49

Facebook Security Are You Frikin Kidding?

Written by The Super Geek

Facebook you must be out of your mind.

Who do you think you are? Fort Knox? I like keeping my Facebook ID Secure. But this is taking it a bit too far.

This capcha is more insane than my online banking's security features, and all I was doing was posting a photo.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2008 22:26

Is This The Digg Effect Right on Digg

Written by The Super Geek

Digg Gets Dugg What Happens After 6000 Diggs
Is This What Happens to Script, Code & Servers After 6000 Diggs

Did an ad Host Get Digg Effected - Right on Digg? 

Suffice it to say that a website like can handle server loads rivaling that of

But what about who appears to be truing to serve up some good old fashioned advertising in this screen clip.

From my experience with my web buddies, my best approximation makes 1 Digg worth about 100 - 150 page views, depending of course, on the article, its popularity and its need to be Dugg.  So my best estimation puts this store at about 600,000 to 900,000 views. Remember that the Digg Effect crashes servers all the time, and for each Site Being Bashed by Digg Effect Digg is there displaying the story. For every front page story Digg deals there may be a site out there Hurling Up 1's and 0's.

As we can all imagine, that for a site of caliber with her current #255 rank it stands to reason that she can handle the heat, however the same my not be said of her marketing team or the ad server.

Take a Look at What May Be The Result of the Digg Effect Right on Digg.

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Saturday, 31 May 2008 00:41

Google Gets a Favicon

Written by The Super Geek

Google Finally Gets a Favicon but not for Microsoft IE?

Am I that oblivious or have I never noticed it before?

But I do remember having looked for Google's Favicon in the past. 

But it appears in their constant rivalry with Microsoft they almost lay the F Bomb on IE7. The F being Favicon, in this case.


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