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A Bit Geek

Saturday, 31 May 2008 00:41

Google Gets a Favicon

Written by  The Super Geek
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Google Finally Gets a Favicon but not for Microsoft IE?

Am I that oblivious or have I never noticed it before?

But I do remember having looked for Google's Favicon in the past. 

But it appears in their constant rivalry with Microsoft they almost lay the F Bomb on IE7. The F being Favicon, in this case.


For those that dom't know a Favicon is, it is a small image file, usually a bmp that is renamed something like favicon.ico and placed on your web server.  It appears in the brower bar for the website that you are viewing, it's a nice way of showing off a little bit about yourself and possibally making your site more memorable, it is uaually a 16px x16px or 32px x 32px image that doesn't really give you a lot of room to squeeze in a logo.

The following is the favicon i noticed for the first time on May 31st 2008 as seen in Mozilla's Firefox

Google:Google Favicon

However it does not show up in IE7 as seen below here.
Is Google Saying No F for You Microsoft?

 google favicon IE 

Here is my favicon, the one for this site:  Favicon.  See it above in the browser tab?

Here are some other favicons from some other popular sites.



 Ebay Favicon
 facebook Favicon
 Amazon Favicon
 myspace Favicon
 yahoo Favicon
 digg Favicon
 Newsvine Favicon
Delicious Delicious Favicon
 Engadget Favicon



I wonder if politics over at Google may eventually make them change this?

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{mosgoogle center}Google Gets a Favicon

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