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A Bit Geek

Tuesday, 09 February 2010 15:41

Google Buzz: Twitter's Days May Be Numbered

Written by  The Super Geek
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Google Buzz: Google May Have Done it Again.

Looks like Google may have created the newest threat to Twitter, a social networking tool that integrates multiple social platforms from one central location that you may already be spending tons of time in already, Gmail.

If you are in Gmail, which is highly likely, and decide to share a thought, an image, a video, just Buzz it. From there is can be, not only shared with your Google Account contacts, but from there to your Twitter account, to the rest of the world. We feel that this will ultimately eliminate the End Man, Twitte, when everything can be handled from inside your Gmail Account, it may eventually cause the demise of Twitter. One saving grave that Twitter will retain is the anonymity that it can offer, vs. 'Buzzing" directly from your Gmail Account. A Feature that celebrities may hold on to, that one way communication system that keeps them in front of the Creeps and the Creeps an arm's length away.

All this from the comfort of your 2nd home, Gmail, a safe haven from Twitter, but with Twitter's open API, Twitter is now accessible from almost anywhere.  This simple fact will ultimately prove to be the downfall of Twitter, as their primary revenue source is a small little a, one of which appears on each page, which is not available on all of the many Twitter Appliances.

Watch the Google Buzz Video Demo, After the Jump - The Newest Potential Twitter Killer


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More Info On Google Buzz Here  

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