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A Bit Geek

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 16:30

Download, Upload, Install - How to Not Sound Stupid

Written by  The Super Geek
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Using words like Upload, Download and Install is a Scary Endeavor.

If you decide to be bold enough to regurgitate any of these words, here is how to do so without sounding like a complete idiot. There is nothing more horrifying than someone you love asking you to download them the pictures you took at a party them asking you to download the new version of iOS to their phone.

#1 Upload

Upload Download InstallUpload is exactly what it sounds like, to load a file up to somewhere. So essentially YOU have a file, on your phone or computer or tablet and you send that file to another server or machine, like to an FTP, online file storage space. Also, when you put a file onto Facebook or Google + you are UPLOADING it to their servers. Simple, right? Think of upload as to put or go. As in I will go to the store. Got it?

Common Upload Word FAILS:

I uploaded the DVD to my computer (WTF does that even mean)
Can you upload the file to me in an email (Learn how to use email first)
Can you upload those pictures grandma too from MySpace so I can print them. (The from thing means download see #2)

#2 Download

Upload Download InstallNow this one... For some reason, most of you think DOWNLOAD means to touch or do anything involved with a computer. Download means to take a file from somewhere else and to pull it down onto your device or computer or mobile device. If there is a picture on a website that you save to your computer, you are downloading it.  If there is a song you just bought online, you will need to download it and then save it to your computer. This is not the case. When you put a cd or dvd in your computer you are NOT downloading, you are usually copying, installing, transferring or burning. When there is an update to your operating system, you usually download it first and then install it.
Download does not mean putting something somewhere, it means to get it from somewhere else and put it onto something you have. Think of download as get, as in I will get it from the store and bing it home.

Common Download Word FAILS:

I downloaded the cd into my computer (Ah maybe you copied the files or installed a program)
I downloaded a picture onto Facebook (See #1, that would be upload)
I just got Office 2011 and downloaded it so I can use it. (If you downloaded it, its doing nothing, you still need to installed)
Can you download it to me. (No, you are not smart enough to use a computer)

#3 Install

Upload Download InstallThis one gets effed up all of the time too. This does not mean upload, or download. Although sometimes you need download something before you install it, but it is not the same thing.
Install usually means to add a program into your operating system so you can use it. Like, you put the Photoshop DVD in your drive and install the program. You download an update to OSX and then you install it onto your system.

Common Install Word FAILS:

I just installed Office from the site & it won't work (Because you just downloaded it and saved it to your desktop with all of that other crap)
Can you install those naked pictures on my computer so I can look at them after you leave (You don't install pictures, they aren't programs)
I am installing my fishing video onto YouTube so my homies can check me out.

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