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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 09:03

Mobile Tips & Payments for Service Industry, Charity & Political Campaigns Featured

Written by  The Super Geek
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Mobile MicroPayments come to Smart Phones, for the a Charity, Service Worker, Politician, the 99% & more.

cell phone mobile payment systemWe are always on the look out for new technology that helps people in their daily lives, which can also make them money, which brings me to the 3d QR Code Powered, the agnostic mobile payment system that works with QR Codes on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry & more. When we say agnostic, we don't mean that it doesn't believe in God, just that it is not platform dependent.

The service is designed help to waiters/waitresses, hotel bell hops, chamber maids, hotel concierge, counter workers, baristas, valet parkers, street performers, magicians, hair dressers, manicurists, charities, political fund raisers, schools, PTAs and temples accept payments, tips and donations from people armed with just a smart phone.

TipCodes is a perfect system for people that only credit cards, never carry cash, or never have the right change to tip or pay people.

It is also a great way for business travelers to track tips made to maids, valet parkers, baggage handlers. For everyone else it is a fantastic system to be able to make quick payments or donations to charities and political campaigns without having to worry about tracking where the money went, and when. Because TipCodes is powered by PayPal, there is always a record of who you tipped, paid, or donated to right in your payment history.

For the payees, this opens up another source of revenue from people that just aren't carrying cash and do want to pay you.

When users register to use the system TipCodes issues them a unique 3d QR Bar Code that, when scanned, allows the person scanning it to send them money.

For Charities & Political Campaigns, being able to use a bumper sticker, flyer or even hang a poster with a scannable code on it makes donating money superfast without needing to call a phone number, remember a web address, write a check or take out enter a credit card.

The real beauty of TipCodes is that they never need or ask for your banking information so it is safe & secure.

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